1st VETERANS KIDS CARE thanks you for your purchase that leads to a much-needed contribution from CGI Green.

A Message from CGI GREEN

You Shop, We Give.

As an independently owned business, we have the freedom to support causes we believe in that impact the world in a positive way. Supporting our veterans and their families is an opportunity that is important to us and we want to share that passion with you. Through our partnership with 1st Veterans Kids Care, we are able to provide financial support for the essential and needed programs and services of this nonprofit organization. We thank you.

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Why is it important for 1st Veterans to support our veterans?
Community support for veterans is about acknowledging their sacrifices and supporting their journey back to civilian life. Your donation to 1st Veterans Kids Care helps us to promote awareness, advocacy, and direct support to our veterans to show that we not only appreciated for their past contributions, but also want to empower them in their future endeavors.



Our veterans are crucial to life as we know it today because they protected our freedom, provided us with a way to learn about our history and the world around us, and risked their lives for people they have never met. For these reasons and more 1st Veterans Kids Care’s programs are there to provide aide and comfort to those who sacrificed. Your purchase makes that goal become a reality.



How should veterans be supported?
Like 1st Veterans Kids Care we all have the opportunity to be supportive and non-judgmental and validate our veterans’ feelings and concerns. It is imperative that our programs and services are honest, sincere, caring and respectful. We accept, without judgment, the Veteran as he/she is. It might take longer for some Veterans to trust you but the effort is worth the reward.




The 1st Veterans Kids Care programs are our way of saying thank you to our veterans for their service and all that they do and have done for our country. You are very much honored and very much appreciated for all that you have done. Thank you for your courage and for putting your country first. Thank you for keeping our country safe and strong